State Bar of Wisconsin Form 11-2003 LAND CONTRACT TO BE USED FOR NON-CONSUMER ACT TRANSACTIONS Document Number CONTRACT by and between Vendor whether one or more and Purchaser whether one or more. State Bar Form 11-Page 1 2003 STATE BAR OF WISCONSIN. A. Any prepayment shall be applied to principal in the inverse order of maturity and shall not delay the due dates or change the amount of the remaining payments until the unpaid balance of principal and interest is paid in full. In the event...
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So if you're closing a seller finance real-estate deal with land contract there's a lot of different details and information that gets baked into these documents and it goes without saying that all most important things you'll have to complete in this process is the actual land contract document itself which is also known as a contract for deed in some areas and this is the like ultimate loan document that lays on all the terms and conditions that both of the buyer and the seller have to adhere to for the life of this long and understandably this is a part of a process it can be really intimidating to a lot of people in a lot of situations out there it makes all the sense in the world for an attorney to take a look at all the information prepare all the documents the whole nine yards but there are some deals out there say if I'm selling our property for a relatively low price and it's just a vacant lot there's not a lot of complexity to the deal in those kind of situations I have no problem felt on my own land contract form simply because I understand how the process works and I know what kind of terms and conditions belong in that document and what I'm willing to accept and there's a service out there that can really come in handy in these kind of transactions and it's called Rocket Lawyer and the thing I like about Rocket Lawyer is that it makes it really really easy to just answer a number of questions and input some information and it generates the full complete document for you which you can download it's like a Word document and you can edit it further if you want to or you can save it as a PDF and just print it off and complete it right there so I'm not necessarily telling you when you should or shouldn't use this kind of service that's really up to you to decide I just want to make you aware that the service is out there and what I want to do in this video is just take you through a hypothetical example of how to use the service to complete a land contract and I think when you use this kind of service especially the first time you're doing it it still makes sense to run it by an attorney just to make sure that all the state specific requirements are met and that it gives you the ability to do a non-judicial foreclosure if your state allows that option just all that kind of stuff that may not be baked into this sort of boilerplate template but if you're in the real estate business and you're doing land contracts I just think it's a good option for you to be aware of so I'm just going to take you through the process and you can see how easy it is and if it looks like a good option for you I do have an affiliate link beneath this video that you can sign up for Rocket Lawyer through and I'll get a small Commission for that and if you do that I thank you very very much for your support and if not that's totally cool too I wish you the best with whatever service or template you're using but if you've got a few minutes follow along and I'll...